Our Story

I (Bel) have lived on the coast my whole life. I am a total mermaid and crave the sun and the salt water! I am a total free spirit and love what I do

This started as hobby for me and I am proud to say that I have turned my passion into a small business, which would not be possible without all of your support

I have decided that I want to dive deeper into opening myself up more, and will be developing a blog space where I share more of my Cocobella story... everything from sourcing materials, to our team, to behind the scenes... everything!

Cocobella is a reflection of me and everything that I love. We have pieces that are our classics and these pieces are here to stay!

You will find that from time to time I will also add a new range of this and that to mix things up. I always strive to give you that "something different" because I don't see the point in being same, same!

I bought my first crystal (an Amethyst!) when I was 7 and have been addicted to them ever since, so it was only natural for me to evolve and add crystals to Cocobella!  My SaltyGypsyLife collection is an extension of myself, and I am happy to share this "hippie" side of my nature

Thank you for following along on my journey, your love and support means the world to me
Bel x